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• Full use of Infinity Nightclub Party Place for up to four (4) hours
• One (1) MC, One (1) Disc Jockey, Two (2) Motivational Party Dancers
• State-of-the-Art Sound, Lighting, and Video Systems
• 1 Lighting/Video Technician (for live video simulcast)
• Basic Planning Services with use of our “In House” Event Planner
• Full use of Infinity Arcade Hall during your ENTIRE AFFAIR!
• Full use of Infinity Carnival/Casino during your ENTIRE AFFAIR!
• Full use of Coney Island Style Photo Booth during your ENTIRE AFFAIR!
• Banquet Tables and Chairs all included
• Lounge Furniture, Cocktail Tables/Chairs, LED Furniture and Cubbies for storage all included

• Complimentary Use of Video System for Video Montage (provided by client)​

Full menu and beverage packages to choose from!

*** Note: You are always welcome to bring in your own Entertainment Team at Infinity


​Popular Add-ons:

Dual CO2 Cannons:  Plumes of frozen CO2 gas flood the dance floor under each Infinity truss to provide an amazing effect

LED Video Wall:  Our Ultra High Definition LED Video Wall is specifically positioned at eye level to draw attention to the custom

  animations and visuals that will surely amaze your guests and create memorable “photo-ops” for your Guest of Honor.

Social Media Swing Booth:  Our incredibly popular Social Media Swing Booth features a fully immersive environment with custom

  printed walls and floor and includes a swing for guests to sit on while their photo is taken.

360 Degree Photobooth:  Put your guests at the center of the universe and create with our 360 photo booth. Guests stand on the 

  platform and a camera mounted to a rotating arm captures your guests in 360 degree slow motion.
Dual/Quad Confetti Cannons:  2 or 4 Custom Mounted Confetti Cannons loaded with colorful confetti and 12ft Streamers

Digital Graffiti Wall:  Guests use a digital spray can to design pictures of themselves on a huge 6ftx9ft screen to then be printed
V.I.P. HD Outdoor Projection Package: Imagine a huge 8ft x 12ft Projection of your Logo & Zapshots onto our Garage Door to personally

  welcome your guests as they enter Club Infinity for your affair! Plus a farewell montage when they leave! You have got to see it...

• T-Shirt Cannon:  Who needs to throw out your T-Shirt favors when you can launch them from our CO2 T-Shirt Cannon from our stage!

• Silent Storm Wireless Headphone Party:  These amazing little wireless headphones let the partiers PARTY HARD while everyone else can

  actually carry on a conversation! Our Wireless Headphone Party comes with up to 150 headphones.

• LED Light Up Staging:  An amazing 3-Tier 16ft wide LED Light up Stage with custom colors that will add an excitement to any celebration!

• LED Dance Floor:  We create a huge 16ft x 20ft Computer Controlled LED Dance Floor that is way cool! You'll dance on it all party long.

• Mixed Reality Lounge:  Our Mixed Reality Lounge combines Virtual Reality with the ability for other guests to see the guest wearing the

  Virtual Reality gear actually interact with the Virtual Reality World from outside the lounge.  This is one cool piece of technology!

• LED Hanging Spheres: The“visible”alternative to traditional balloons.  These are illuminated spheres in your choice of 7 colors and 3

  different sizes from 14”to 2 feet in diameter! They are custom hung for your event in our space.

• Indoor Fireworks:  True cutting edge technology allows us to duplicate the look of 12 ft high fireworks, yet is totally safe. An amazing

  touch for a Grand Entrance!

Dance Floor Gobo:  We professionally create a digital Gobo with your logo to be projected onto our dance floor.

• Gobo Wall:  Go beyond your traditional Gobo Projection with a set of 5 portable Gobo Projectors that can create a custom design with

  your logos on our walls.

• Selfie Stick Mobile Social Media Photo Station: The newest trend! Our mobile operator brings the fun to you as you create “Video

  Boomerangs”that are projected onto our video screens and then sent to your favorite Social media platform.

• Custom Geofilter: Let us create a custom Geofilter just for your affair!

 The Quintessential Candy Buffet: A smorgasbord of Candy accented with LED lighting and tastefully presented!

• BIG BALLOON BLAST: Taking the traditional Balloon Drop to the next level!  Huge 4ft Balloons are suspended from the ceiling

  with hundreds of balloons inside them.  One push of a button... and the big balloons explode releasing the smaller balloons below!

Air Brush Tattoos:  Our talented Air Brush artist will apply any of over 100 tattoos (including Glitter) for your guests during your affair.

• Blacklight Blowout Party: We combine 4,000 watts of ultracool Blacklight with a package of our “Glow In The Dark” Party Favors!

 Digital Sign In Board:  Take your picture and then digitally write a dedication to the Guest of Honor to be placed in an album or poster

Zap Shot Photography: Candid and set shots of your party for instant transfer to our huge HD Video Screens plus a keepsake DVD
Step & Repeat Purple Carpet Photography Service: We create the excitement of a true Academy Award Step & Repeat station for you
Digital “Green Screen” Photo Favors: Over 2,000 custom backgrounds plus a virtual "Step & Repeat" background from your logo
Premium Prize Giveaway Packages / V.I.P. Entrance Package plus lots more…  Please ask!

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